Develop, Manufacture and Distribute the Most Efficient Smart Coatings

NanoPhyll develops smart coatings that can be applied to existing surfaces. Our coatings are self-cleaning, anti-microbial, anti-adhesion and anti-graffiti, and are intended to help a wide range of industries such as oil and gas, construction, health care and municipal services.

NanoPhyll's team combines experts in material engineering, nano-materials, polymer and bio-chemistry. Our self-cleaning technology is activated by the immediate environment — notably by natural light — eliminating the need for heavy detergents, surfactants and acids. 

Our coatings remove pollutants like nitrogen oxides from the air, helping to reduce smog and related acid rain. NanoPhyll's coatings are bonded firmly to their substrate materials when applied, which makes for a higher quality product and less time and money spent on reapplications. Moreover, interior allergens which often cause respiratory diseases can be reduced effectively with our coatings.

Our coatings can be used for: 
- Deodorizing every accommodation (sickrooms, operating rooms, hygienic areas, fitness centres, dental clinics).
- Prevention against virus and germs in guestrooms and areas with high hygiene requirements.
- Self-cleaning facades and outer surfaces.
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  • Self cleaning and self sterilizing coatings
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