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International Horizons offers to support you in your search for work placements abroad. Are you having difficulty finding offers of work placements abroad? Have you no time to look for your work placement abroad because of your workload? Are you just short of time or simply don't know how to go about it? International Horizons will take care of things. Work placements in Europe, Taiwan, Australia and Mexico: we will do the research on your behalf for the sum of € 150. Payment will be made after the work placement has been approved by you, the body authorizing you and the host company. To find your work placement nothing could be simpler: -Send us your CV in French and/or English - We will call you for a short interview to define your project - Our search will follow your criteria strictly - Once all the parties have accepted, the work placement will be approved. All you have to do then is pay us the € 150 and you are ready to leave for your work placement abroad and enhance your skills!



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  • Internship in Finland

  • Internship in Spain

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  • Пътувания за езиково усъвършенстване
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  • Student work placement and training in Poland

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  • Кредитна карта - В брой - Чек


  • Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne
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