3Transmission, a partner of RATHI EUROPE GMBH, is specialised in the distribution of engine couplings and provides a wide range of industrial products for mechanical transmission. 3Transmissions, with 30 years of experience behind it, will help you define your mechanical, chain, belt, linear, circular, actuator, vibrating and elastic transmission systems …. Out technical and sales team is available to satisfy even your most complex mechanical transmission applications. 3Transmissions is also a team of specialised engineers at RATHI Transpower's offices. To guarantee you ever greater quality, our RATHI couplings are ISO certified and also have ATEX certification on request. We develop close relations with our clients to guarantee them top quality and reasonably priced services and products thanks to our major stock of products direct from the factory.

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  • 3Transmissions fournisseur d'éléments de de transmission et composants mécaniques, pour des solutions à presque toutes vos applications de transmission industrielles.

  • RATHI France, fournisseur d'accouplements de transmission mécanique, accouplement flexible, accouplement rigide, accouplement à flector, accouplement hydraulique, accouplement à denture engrenage.

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  • Accouplements à Ressort ou Dentex
  • Accouplements Élastique moteur
  • Accouplements à Jante ou Pneu ou Broche

Ключови думи, свързани с тази фирма

  • Механични съединители
  • worm gears for transmissions
  • cardan shafts
  • transmission gearing
  • cylinder gears
  • speed variators for transmissions
  • angular transmissions
  • roller chains for transmissions
  • transmission chains
  • chains and pinions for motors
  • cast iron pulleys
  • cardan joints for transmissions
  • torque limiters
  • Mechanical jacks
  • metallic cladding
  • industrial conveyor chains
  • Open sided V belts
  • screw-type conveyors
  • Conveyor belt accessories and equipment
  • Shaft clutch
  • worm gear motor reducers
  • construction of racks
  • locking rings
  • Gear couplings with crowned teeth
  • flexible leather couplings
  • Industrial couplings made from steel and metal
  • Splined shaft grinding
  • Straight and helical gear grinding
  • Overhead conveyor chain
  • hubs for mechanical transmission
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