Anlagen der Luft-, Wärme-, Absaugtechnik, Lebensmittel-Röster, -Bandtrockner, -Beschichter

We plan, develop, craft, deliver, assemble and attend air, warmth and suction technology, innovative foodstuff roasters and drying machines for pistachios, almonds, cashews, coffee and grains, among others. We now also have pasteurising machines for organic and other high-quality products. All our facilities, including the controls, are individually crafted for the customer. Our products and services are distinguished by our productivity, simple handling, reliability and longevity. Our foodstuff machines are built according to hygiene design and are FDA compliant. Our facilities are directly or indirectly heated. Temperatures of 20 °C to 250 °C are possible. The roasting result is particularly even. The roaster's capacity ranges from 500 to 10, 000 kg/h. Our salting installations can continually and gently salt or coat nuts, seeds, beans etc. At the same time, everything is raised, turned and well mixed. Our machines come with an optional in-built automatic cleaning system.

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  • Labor-Röster

  • Bandröster

  • Wirbelschichtröster

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  • Изпичане на кафе - техника
  • Drying conveyor
  • Coffee roasting machines
  • Chimney fans
  • Radial fans
  • Roaster for nuts
  • Special fans
  • Drying systems for the food processing industry
  • Main stream fans
  • Fluidized bed roasters
  • Electric air heaters
  • Bypass fans
  • Industrial roasters
  • air cleaning
  • axial fans
  • Smoke gas fans
  • drying cyclones
  • fan units

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