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Aluminiumwerk Unna AG is a medium-sized company producing semi-finished aluminium products. We manufacture a comprehensive range of specialist aluminium alloy products. In addition to aluminum alloy tubes, which are our trademark, we also produce profiles and extrusion billet. Located in Unna, Germany, the plant is fully integrated and includes a cast house, extrusion plant, heat treatment ovens and tube drawing and cutting equipment. The advantage for our Customer: Both extruded and drawn products are available from a single source. The entire value added chain beginning with the melting, alloying and casting of aluminium billet through extrusion and drawing to final heat treatment and cutting of the semi-finished product all takes place in our factory. Having total control over each processing step enables us to tailor the final properties or other attributes of our product to your subsequent processing needs. Today, we can offer a unique spectrum of alloys, tube dimensions, profile shapes and lengths for aluminium alloy tubes and profiles. We are convinced that we can provide a solution for your particular application.

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Seamless aluminium tubes can be ordered in all commercially available aluminium alloys in addition to high strength aluminium alloys which are required for more demanding applications. ALUnna has a number of extrusion presses equipped with mandrel piercing capability. This allows us to extrude a large range of extruded tubular dimensions from a number of different billet diameters. The size range for seamless extruded tubes ranges from 17 mm to 300 mm in diameter.


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Aluminiumwerk Unna AG is specialised in the production of Aluminium tubes. The Aluminium tubes are extruded on site using two possible methods. These are either Seamless extrusion or Porthole extrusion. It is quite simple to distinguish between the two extrusion methods. In seamless extrusion, a mandrel is positioned and fixed inside the extrusion die, creating the inner contour of the tube. In porthole extrusion, the mandrel is fixed and is supported by a number of integral bridges affixed to the outer portion of the extrusion die.


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In the aluminium industry, the porthole extrusion process is the standard method for the production of extruded tubes and profiles. The process is limited to a number of aluminium alloys. However, most of the commercially available medium strength aluminium alloys such as EN AW-6060 or EN AW-6082 can be extruded by porthole extrusion.


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Depending on the application, tubes may require subsequent drawing following the extrusion process. Examples of this are: a requirement for a high degree of dimensional control and/or the need for tight tolerances, where the final outside diameter and/or wall thickness of the extruded tubes can only be achieved by subsequent cold drawing, where the final mechanical properties for non-heat treatable alloys are to be achieved by strain hardening (drawing) or where special requirements exist for the microstructure of the tubes.

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