Andjana Instruments offers safe compressed-air quality – air quality monitoring – behind compressors – filters – activated carbon – measuring residual oil content and more: Comprehensive modular compressed air and gas measuring technologies for oil content, volumetric flow, humidity, pressure dew point, particle measurement, pressure, temperature, gases, emissions with optional data acquisition and remote diagnosis according to HACCP – GMP and FDA requirements, ISO 8573, EN 12021 breathing air; validated data records according to FDA 21 Part 11 with audit trail. Metrological safety for industry and hospitals – breathing air systems – laboratories, cleanrooms. Medical hospital breathing air systems according to ISO 7396 – European Pharmacopoeia; risk monitoring for medical compressed air – in-house production in accordance with the Medicinal Products Act; quality control for medical gases – oxygen – nitrogen – compressed air of own production. Standard and CE conformity assessments for medical gas supply systems; job measurements, calibration service, service

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  • OilGuard OG-C
  • OilGuard OG-F
  • OilControl OC-F

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  • Измервателни уреди и инструменти
  • Пневматични инсталации
  • Компресори
  • Compressed air filters, oil-free
  • Filter for respiratory protection equipment
  • Filter for food production plant construction
  • Filter for pharmaceutical facilities
  • Filter for varnishing facilities
  • Compressed air flow meters
  • Compressed air monitoring installations
  • Compressed air consumption gauges
  • Testing varnishing facilities
  • Machinery and systems for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Paint lines
  • Compressors, oil-free
  • Compressors for PET
  • Compressors for industry and trade
  • compressed air
  • filters for compressors
  • compressed air filters
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