High performance lubricants, additives, brake fluids, cooling lubricants. Made in Germany. Germany is the country of automotive engineering. The very first automobiles were invented in Germany. Visionaries and tinkerers had ideas of bringing self-driving automobiles to the streets. The dream became reality. AS Perfomance engine oils and lubricants are at home on the roads and racetracks. State-of-the-art engineering for the latest technology. Being mobile and independent has always been everyone’s dream. However, the latest engine technology also requires state-of-the-art lubricant technologies. Powerful, technically sophisticated, on synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral basic technology. Minimal friction, maximum lubricating film thickness and the highest possible engine and gearbox reliability make AS Perfomance lubricants the number one choice. We are always passionate about improving the performance of our products.

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  • Акумулатори и батерии
  • Автомобилни смазки
  • Motor oil
  • brake fluids
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  • Industrial lubricants
  • Fluid greases
  • Radiator antifreeze
  • Long-term radiator antifreeze
  • Lorry engine oils
  • Fuel additives
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  • Additives
  • Service additives
  • Concentrate and long-term radiator antifreeze
  • Technical lubricating greases
  • Windscreen antifreeze
  • Transmission oils
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  • greases
  • multipurpose grease
  • Cleaners
  • storage batteries
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  • motor vehicle engine cleaning chemicals
  • car-repair garage set-up
  • chemicals for repairing motor vehicle radiators
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