Production of apicultural products is the main activity of our company.
300 bee colonies lives in 3 honey farms located on 1 ha of land at foot of Caucasus Nature Reserve in Maykopsky District of Republic of Adygeya.

Our main focus is production of honey, fertile mother bees and packages.

The company supplies bee products almost in all regions of Russia.

Veterinary well-being of bee colonies in the honey farms of the bee complex is thoughtfully inspected by experts and veterinary service of Republic of Adygeya on annual basis.

Main mission of the company is effective application of modern methods and technologies to achieve maximal output of bee packages, fertile mother bees, honey, royal jelly and other bee products as well as effective use of bee colonies for pollination of entomophilous plants.
Considering requirements of modern market, the company performs extensive preparation work for use of honeyflows and gathering of popular honey types — black locust, linden, chestnut, coriander, buckwheat, melilot, and sunflower honey.

Specification developed for “SILA MEDA+” special product. Natural apicultural products gathered in environmentally pristine and safe regions of Adygeya. Honey secrets of Caucasus Nature Reserve combined in one product — this is “SILA MEDA+”.

Alongside with extension of products range, we utilize glass packing for honey which allows us to supply market with natural, safe, quality, and competitive products.

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