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Under the "BEHAbelt" brand, BEHA Innovation GmbH has been developing, producing and selling round and V-belts, T-profiles, elastic conveyor belts and welding technology for drive and conveyor applications since 1974. Belt profiles (PU/TPE) BEHAbelt offers one of the widest selections on the market. That goes for the number of geometries, properties and hardness grades. What's more, thanks to our Development department, we can easily create a custom profile for you. Elastic conveyor belts (PU/TPE) Conveyor belts can be combined in a wide variety of different ways with regard to surface structures, material properties, hardness and colours. Welding technology Our range includes specifically developed welding technology for profiles and belts. PU coatings for toothed and V-belts Coating materials for, e.g. non-slip transport, accumulation operation or easier product removal. PU weld-on profiles Weld-on profiles such as drivers, edge limiters or guide profiles for conveyor belts.


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