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Since 1986, Bomaksan specializes in the manufacturing of industrial air filtration systems. We produce dust collectors, bag house filters pleated bag house filters, cyclones, oil mist filters, portable welding fume filters, portable grinding filters, workbenches, wet scrubbers and air ventilation fans. We are capable of manufacturing custom design filters as well when it is needed. Our design team and technical team (consisting of engineers) are capable of solving complicated dust filtration processes. We have built more than 200 dust collectors and bag house filters so far. We are experienced in many industries such as metal working, foundries, food and beverage, constructional chemicals, ceramics, glass production, mining, chemicals, automotive etc. Our main product range includes compact cartridge dust collectors. Long lasting, economic and well-designed dust collection systems makes you save more energy and increase your facilities' efficiency. Bomaksan engineers are aware of your needs and demands. That's why our product designs are user and maintenance team friendly. We are your ideal partner if you need dust collection system, air filtration system, dust collector, compact cartridge filters, portable filter units, compact cartridge dust collectors, cyclones, wet scrubbers, metal filters or oil mist filters. We also offer air purifiers under the BOA AIR brand to filter every kind of nano-sized particules including viruses and bacterias. Contact us for more information!

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Insulation materials manufacturer and industry leading company KNAUF preferred BOMAKSAN brand PKF series dust collectors in glass fiber dust collection filter systems. The PKF series cartridge filter units, which can be rapidly increased in capacity with its modular structure, continue to be the preferred sector best. BOMAKSAN continues to be the preferred choice, with its expert staff in dust and smoke extraction, dust collection systems, industrial ventilation and filtration systems. Especially in foundries, constructional chemicals sector, metal processing workshops, welding fume suction systems, plasma/laser Cutting table's suction systems, grinding and sand blasting application's dust and smoke extraction, ventilation and filtration, in battery plants in dry lead dust and smoke absorption and filtration, BOMAKSAN brand PKF model which is very popular in the food sector and chemical industry factories in the absorption and filtration of dust and smoke which are exposed at many


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