Software creation and development - the activities of our company. Сloud-based software for the fintech companies engaged in lending, banks, micro-credit and microfinance organizations, credit cooperatives, leasing or mortgage companies, and pawnshops.

Brainysoft SaaS platform performs the functions of an automated full-cycle credit pipeline-from applying for a loan, supporting a loan in the course of life to reporting to regulatory authorities. Automates the processes of issuing loans / credits remotely and in the office, leasing and mortgage loans, POS lending, client products by subscription, and Islamic banking.

The platform has a number of important competitive advantages:

•Extensive functionality makes it possible to quickly launch software by setting up – from 1 month
•Industrial transaction volumes – proven high performance for more than 3 million borrowers
•The Antifraud Module
•PLUG&PLAY technology for integration with external data sources to update customer information
•Developed API

We constantly monitor the latest changes in the market in the legislative and technology sphere to improve the platform.

Advantages of the Brainysoft SaaS platform infrastructure:

• Support for different UI
• Developed modern API, SDK
• Extensive integration with external services
• Flexible and powerful settlement mechanisms
• Fault tolerance and reliability
• Security
• Precise adaptation to the client's business processes.

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  • Software for microfinance companies
  • Development of financial software
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  • Lending engine
  • Software for credit cooperatives
  • Software for online loan granting
  • Software for online credit granting
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  • Systems of microfinance provider management
  • Software for microfinance providers
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  • Software for loan granting
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