Meeting this need is essential nowadays, in order to conquer and consolidate one's activity in its specific reference sector. We specialise in the realisation of signs and illuminated signage, and offer a wide range of solutions focused on customers' needs for visibility. A part of the company also deals with personalised gadgets and T-shirts, as well as other forms of communication; we have major customers abroad and throughout Italy.

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  • 60%
    % оборот за износ
  • 1.000 K€ - 2.499 K€


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  • Агенции за връзки с обществеността (public relations)
  • Предметна реклама - изделия
  • Табели и знаци
  • Маркетинг - проучвания
  • Печатане - офсет
  • signs
  • promotional favours and trinkets
  • advertising signs
  • billboards
  • posters
  • advertising decor on motor vehicles
  • illuminated advertising signs
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