BYYD is a tech-based Russian company that focuses exclusively on mobile marketing and mobile advertising. We provide fully-featured support for each advertising campaign at all stages: briefing, production, as well as advertising design, design and production of advertising campaigns in applications for mobile phones, a report on the marketing campaign. Advertising banner formats: full-screen banners, native format, rich-media banners, video.

Our partners are the largest network and independent advertising agencies. Our tools include all of the key SSPs that provide us with a portfolio of over 100, 000 mobile apps with the tools anywhere in the world ensuring an unprecedented reach.

We offer our clients the Brand Lift service – a study that helps to assess organic brand awareness among the mobile audience taking into account the large percentage of mobile only users, as well as to obtain data on brand awareness increase after advertising activity.

Our cases and more complete information you can obtain through the website: https: //

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  • Година на създаване 2015
  • Статут на фирмата Статут на фирмата Седалище, Фирма-майка
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