Production and sales of technical items for the nautical, bodywork, industrial, wood and marble sectors. Production of patented "Airflux" systems – portable dust-extracting low-air-consumption pneumatic sanders; "oneTecH" pads and abrasive Velcro discs. flexible abrasives, Velcro pads and accessories. Chemical products: : polyester fillers, resin hardeners, bases, thinners, varnishes, low-VOC anti-silicon degreasers, abrasive pastes, zero-VOC polishing and buffing pastes.

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  • Пневматични - инсталации и инструменти
  • velcro accessories
  • PADS
  • glass resin
  • pneumatic angle grinders
  • polyester stucco
  • anti silicone degreasers
  • components for buffing
  • supplier to the nautical sector
  • supplier to the industrial sector
  • supplier to the marble sector
  • supplier to the timber sector
  • supplier to the bodywork sector
  • abrasive polishing pastes
  • underbody coating
  • water-based anti-silicone degreasing agent
  • polyester filler
  • waterproof abrasive paper
  • non-woven abrasives (three-dimensional)
  • pneumatic angle grinders
  • resins
  • paints for vehicles
  • thinners
  • colours
  • paints
  • stucco
  • abrasive wheels
  • paint plaster and enamel

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