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System properties:: Filtration of particles by gravity separation with a cyclone separator and their collection in a bin. >Subsequent filtration of the exhaust air by a fine polyester filter.This process allows the separation of 99% of the sucked dust and filtration of up to 1 micron. Suitable for indoor use. The system is designed for : Cleaning of industrial and residential buildings. Cleaning fireplaces and stoves. Aspiration from carpentry machines. Suction of shavings and metal dust from metalworking machines. Transport, dust collection and collection of dry mixes and materials. It consists of: Centrifugal fan with outboard motor – 2.2 kW; 3000 rpm Single-phase or three-phase; Flow rate – 1500 cubic meters / hour; Pressure 4500 Pa. Main suction cyclone separator + airtight hopper 40 liters with release cover for collecting larger particles over 10 microns. Cyclone filter box + airtight hopper 40 liters with release cap for finer powder up to 1 micron.