Cyclone Dust Collector Miha-Vac MDS-Q3-Mobile

Mobile separation and filtration system with the latest degree of cleaning


The Miha-Vac MDS Q3 industrial mobile dust collection system is designed for filtering dust particles by gravity separation in a cyclone separator and subsequent filtration by a fine polyester filter. This process allows the separation of 99.9% of the suction dust in the separator and filtration from 1 to 5 microns, class F8M8. The system consists of a centrifugal fan with a remote motor 2.2 KW, speed 2890 rpm. This and the design of the impeller give a flow rate of 1500 cubic meters per hour and a static pressure of 1900 Pa. The suction of the dust particles is carried out through a pipeline with a diameter Ф 100 mm. Entering the cyclone separator, particles up to 10 microns are separated in a container with a volume of 40 liters. The remaining fine powder below 10 microns is collected by a cartridge polyester filter, collecting it in a container with a volume of 15 liters. The frame is made of tubular profile 40x40x2 and 60x30x2, equipped with four locking, wear-resistant wheels.

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