FAULHABER is an independent, family-run group of companies with its headquarters in the German municipality of Schönaich, near Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. It is one of the most economically powerful and important regions for industrial high technology in Europe. Founded in 1947, today we offer the most comprehensive range of advanced miniature and micro drive technology available worldwide from a single source. On the basis of this technological diversity, we design drive solutions that are unique in terms of precision and reliability with the smallest of dimensions. These are largely used in production automation and robotics, the aerospace industry, optical systems as well as in medical and laboratory technology. Besides Germany, we have further development and production sites in Switzerland, the USA, Romania and Hungary. Our sales partners and subsidiaries are also present in over 30 countries worldwide. FAULHABER currently employs over 2100 people.

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Фотоматериали, публикувани от тази фирма

  • Encoders
  • Stepper Motors
  • Linear DC-Servomotors

Ключови думи, свързани с тази фирма

  • Двигатели-редуктори
  • Електродвигатели - постоянен ток
  • Absolute encoder
  • Transmissions
  • Drive technology
  • BLDC motor
  • Brushless motors
  • Brushless DC motor
  • DC micro motors
  • DC motors
  • EC motor
  • Electric actuators
  • Encoders
  • Flat motor
  • Bell-type armature motor
  • Incremental encoders
  • Miniature drives
  • Small electric motors
  • Mini motor
  • Motion control
  • Motor with integrated electronics
  • Piezo motors
  • Control systems
  • encoders
  • electric motors
  • Linear motors
  • epicyclic reduction gears
  • Stepping motors
  • servo motors
  • cylindrical gears
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  • Factory Automation & Robotics, a camera lens is transmitting images of wet, cracked walls to the surface where the operator intensively watches his monitor while he controls the robot.

  • High-speed diagnostics, automatically error-free.Countless samples are tested daily in analytical laboratories. The benefits of automation in this area is obvious: They make it possible to achieve f

  • Today, you don‘t find visionary designs in Hollywood, but rather in the development departments of innovative companies. With the new BXT drive family, FAULHABER extends the limits of what is possible

  • Fits perfectly in to the current portfolio of FAULHABER Linear DC-Servomotors, and gives the customer a complete performance range with continuous force from 1.02 N to 9.2 N and a peak force from 2.74

  • Powerful BP4 product family with the brushless DC-Servomotor 2264…BP4. As well as having an outstanding ratio of torque to size and weight, the miniature drive comes with integrated sensors

  • Powerful FAULHABER motors ensure that the prosthesis can grip without any problems, quickly and firmly and maintain a constant gripping force.

  • Adjusting optical lenses for zooming and focusing or the adjustment of mirrors in laser applications require maximum precision in the smallest possible installation space.

  • Drive technology plays an important role within the context of networked industry, after all, automation is not possible without a “driving force”.

  • For some years now, tattoos have gained main-stream acceptance. Just in Germany there are about five million people who have a tattoo.

  • In addition to the standard motor, the BX4 series includes a full range of servo components such as combinations with integrated encoders, integrated speed controllers, gearheads, and much more.

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