Ecoarmy - is a Russian manufacturing company engaged in the development and production of disposable wooden eco-tableware.

The manufacture of Ecoarmy is located in Vologda region. We have various products of our own design: plates, spoons, forks, knives as well as complete picnic sets.

Our tableware is 100% organic: we manufacture our products using
only wood and water free of any chemicals.

All our products are FSC certified (FOREST STEWARDSHIP
COUNCIL). This is a telltale sign of the fact that our wood comes directly
from forests where we conduct environmentally and socially
responsible forest management activities.

ECOARMY presents disposable biodegradable tableware made of solid wood.

Advantages of using disposable wooden tableware:
Using biodegradable wooden tableware is the only efficient method of struggling against plastic waste and here is the list of reasons:
•it’s envirosafe product manufactured from organic raw materials.
•it is fast-recycled, without causing any environmental damage.
•disposable wooden tableware makes it possible to reduce the consumption of natural resources which are necessary for plastic manufacture.
•it doesn’t harm our health: coming into contact with food, liquid and also heating won’t release any harmful elements (you can use it for heating food in a microwave oven).

We control the quality of our products at every manufacture stage. Thus, we ensure their safety for human health and the environment.

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