We create puzzles and escape rooms

We create latest generation Escape rooms and high-tech puzzles.

We use our 5 years experience in Escape room industry (since 2014)

We are a production company based in Moscow, Russia. We produce all kind of stuff for Escape rooms (escape games):

- single puzzles and props for Escape rooms from our catalogue;
- ready-to-play rooms: from catalogue and custom-made;
- custom-made props and puzzles;
- sets of props;
- software for Escape rooms;
- decor and elements for Escape rooms;
- write scripts/scenarios (ready ones and at the customer’s request).

We have a lot of experience of working with electronics, developing software, creating decorations and producing high-quality props and puzzles: we know good components and unique techniques.

We have been working in the production sphere for 8 years and in Escape room business – for 5 years already. We know pretty well, what an Escape room is. We know the specifics of the way ER operates.

We have our own production facility and reliable team of professionals.

We are reliable escape room supplier.

We did 430+ projects in 34 countries during last 5 years.

If you want to start your escape room business, please contact us: we can easily help you either with separate puzzles and turnkey exit rooms.

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Каталогът не се предлага на този език. Каталози на тази фирма съществуват на следните езици:


EcoDecor company (Puzzles and escape rooms)

Short video about our EcoDecor company. We are production company based in Russia, Moscow. We are building great props, puzzles and escape rooms. We have our own production facilities.

Escape room: The pirate captivity (turnkey escape room)

Augmented reality sandbox (AR game) - for Escape Room

AR sandbox with programmable landscape

Escape room Bank (ready to play escape room)

Bank robbery

Gas detector with 4 keys for an exit room

interactive element inside ER

Metal maze

An info board for an escape room

gadget for exit game

Escape Room in a Suitcase.

Save the World (Portable escape room)


Фотоматериали, публикувани от тази фирма

  • Props for escape room

  • Ready to play escape room

  • Escape room gadget

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  • escape room props
  • escape room decoration
  • escape room elements
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  • electronics experts
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  • production of performances and entertainment
  • supplies for performances and entertainment
  • leisure time
  • creation of entertainment spaces
  • gadget creation
  • Adventure playground equipment
  • electric and electronic games and toys
  • electronic devices for rooms and bars
  • entertainment and events software
  • electronic games for arcades
  • recreational facility construction
  • puzzle
  • systems and equipment for performances and entertainment
  • construction and assembly of infrastructures for free-time
  • professional and consumer electronic products and equipment
  • boards and electronic systems

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