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LLC Ecoservice-Plus is a Russian manufacturer of public and camping toilets, portable toilets and toilet cabins, portable shower cabins, and stand-alone modular restrooms. The company has been producing toilet cabins and modules since 2000 under the Ecomarka brand, it also provides maintenance of chemical toilets and rents out toilet cabins, produces a certified “Ecola” deodorizer for portable toilets. In 20 years, Ecoservice-Plus produced over 150, 000 toilet cabins of "Economy+", "Economy Eurostandard", "Eurostandard", and "Lux" classes with a service life of more than 10 years. The company produces toilet cabins by vacuum molding and plastic thermoforming. The annual production capacity is more than 8, 000 toilet cabins. LLC Ecoservice-Plus is the initiator of the “Environmental Service in Russia” program, which holds research and practice conferences. Since 2019, the company produces portable chemical toilets and modules to customers' specific requirements and with their logo on the door or side panel. By selling branded toilet cabins your company can become more prominent in the environmental services market thanks to free publicity being multiplied with each portable toilet sold. The manufacturer provides financial, legal, promotional, informational, and consulting support to its dealers. Plastic products by Ecoservice-Plus company are well known in Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Romania, Serbia, Germany, Latvia, and Chile.

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