Geological company "OZGEO" was founded in 2002. Specializes in geological exploration, geophysical, geochemical and geoecological works.

The company's specialists have carried out field prospecting and exploration in many countries using various technologies of geological and geoecological research: space imagery interpretation, geological prospecting, geophysical and geochemical survey, drilling, assessment of resources and mineral reserves.

Over the years, dozens of deposits, ore occurrences and promising areas have been surveyed, a number of projects in engineering geology and hydrogeology have been implemented.

The main field operations were carried out in African countries - Algeria, Angola, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Mauritania, Madagascar, Morocco, Namibia and Ethiopia, as well as in Tajikistan and Turkey, and were associated with search and exploration of deposits of diamonds, gold, platinum, silver, copper, cobalt, titanium, rare and rare-earth metals, as well as with assessment of operating and closed mines.

In 2002-2019 expert conclusions on the prospects of the mineral resource base of dozens of countries for various minerals were prepared by orders of state and private companies. Proposals for cooperation in the scope of geology, mining of mineral raw materials and geoecology were developed.

"OZGEO" offers high-tech methods in projects of exploration and processing of raw materials, engineering geology, hydrogeology and geoecology worldwide.

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  • Година на създаване 2002
  • Статут на фирмата Статут на фирмата Седалище, Фирма-майка
  • Основна дейност Основна дейност Доставчик на услуги

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  • Algeria (Drilling)
  • Algeria (In Sakhara)
  • Algeria (Outcrop of ore with carbonatites)

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  • Услуги, свързани с минното разработване
  • Одит на околната среда
  • Биохимия, околна среда - проучвания и изследвания
  • Услуги, свързани с добива на нефт и газ
  • Картография
  • remote sounding
  • interpretation of space images for geological prospecting
  • advice for prospecting and mining
  • chemical and environmental analyses
  • Data processing consultants
  • earth sample collection
  • Ecology - protection of the environment
  • ecological surveys
  • environmental analyses
  • environmental monitoring
  • environmental impact studies
  • environmental reconnaissance
  • geophysical prospecting
  • geological consulting
  • geological surveys
  • Geological prospecting for oil
  • gis
  • Geology - studies and research
  • Mapping and geolocalization
  • oil and gas prospecting
  • precious stones
  • prospecting and extraction of minerals, oil and gas
  • research & development for the prospecting and mining sector
  • sampling
  • services for the mining industry
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