Fan-Trade LLC is a manufacturer of birch plywood and birch veneer - sawn timber for furniture production, interior decoration and construction.
The company performs advanced woodworking and produces FK grade birch plywood in sheets of 1525x1525 mm in size and 4 to 24 mm in thickness.

Fan-Trade's products comply with the Russian standard GOST 3916.1-18 and are manufactured from birch veneer logs which are harvested from the forest reserves of the Russian Federation and comply with GOST 9462-88.

Laminated wood for veneer is produced in grades I, II, III, IV according to the interstate standard GOST 99-2016.

The company, located in the Smolensk Oblast (a region of Russia that is 42% forested), has been producing woodworking products since 2020. Constant quality control is carried out at all stages of the plywood production cycle. Fan-Trade's products are environmentally friendly, FK grade plywood is phenol-free and suitable for interior finishing of residential buildings.

Coated plywood by Fan-Trade can be used for the production of preformed veneers, flooring, wall panels, construction of outbuildings, production of cabinet furniture, box bottoms and walls, containers, wardrobe backs, children's toys, interior decor and other wood products.

The company manufactures semi-finished products for furniture round the clock and continuously enhances production capacity.

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