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For more than 20 years, FoxLaser has been a trusted partner in laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, mechanical processing and powder coatings of metals and non-metals. Based out of Sofia Bulgaria, we’ve collaborated with a wide array of industries (agricultural, tech, manufacturing) by ensuring their needs were met in terms of metal parts and the specificities needed. With our experience we are confident we can handle any type of project within any type of industry. Our extremely qualified team of experts are specialized in working with high-quality machines and consistently monitoring the quality of the parts in order to ensure quality of production. We are proud of our many certificates which serve as a guarantee for our quality control and our expertise in operating with CNC machines (ISO 9001: 2008) as well as our welding capabilities (ISO 3834-2 + EN 1090). We control each stage of production inhouse. Working with high-quality materials from Austria, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic and Sweden, we comply with all of our client’s requirements. At the same time, we process all of our production and output control by specialised software that allows additional control. All of this in order to guarantee you with an extremely low percentage of incorrect production. In the field of sheet metal processing, laser cutting, punching, fastens installation and powder coating, our excellent work and high-quality results make us a reliable partner in and outside of Bulgaria.

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Regardless of the quantity, whether single pieces or small or large series, laser cutting is the preferred method for manufacturing sheet metal parts. It offers exceptional accuracy, great cut quality and very high productivity. The laser cutting offered by FoxLaser is an extremely efficient technology subject to which are all structural and stainless steels, non-ferrous and precious metals, acrylics and their derivatives. The two main types of laser cutting systems are solid-state (LPSS / DPSS / Fiber) and gas laser (CO2). At FoxLaser we have both, which allows us to process all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and a wide range of non-metals. We work with client assignments with vector "CAD" or graphic files: SolidWorks, Autocad, AdobeIllustrator, CorelDraw and others. NC CAM programs for laser cutting are prepared with the products SigmaNEST, MAZAK Smart System and Metalix CNCKad.


Sheet metal bending The two key words when it comes to sheet metal bending are accuracy and quality. FoxLaser guarantees both, thanks to the latest generation of digital, hydraulic press brakes from the Japanese company AMADA. The 7-axis control allows for a very fast process in the production of test parts and prototypes of bent sheet metal, as well as perfect repeatability of the bends in long series. FoxLaser owns nine press brakes for bending, three of which of a brand-new generation, with the option of external programming. Combined with AMADA's specialized BendCam software, they speed up and improve the prototyping process immensely. We are proud owners of a large-sized press brake machine, which allows bending of sheet metal parts up to 4000 mm and also one with a capacity of 320 t by 3000 mm. Additionally, we have manual sheet metal bending machines, press brakes and three-shaft rounds (for cylindrical and conical molding).


The three-dimensional laser cutting of tubes and profiles in FoxLaser is performed with Adige LT8 3D laser complex of BLM Group - the first automated 3D laser machine for cutting such materials in Bulgaria. 3D laser cutting of tubes and profiles is a modern technological solution for a fast and high-quality production of various products from steel, aluminum and other metals. It is widely used in the furniture and transport industries, in the automotive industry, in the construction of mechanical conveyors, storage equipment and railings for construction. The automated laser tube cutting machine replaces a large number of traditional processing methods, and also allows for the creation of completely new models and assemblies, otherwise impossible to create with existing machines.


The punching is a preferred technology in cutting-out of galvanized metal sheets. In FoxLaser we have 4 pc. punching machines that enable us to process without repositioning sheet material with dimensions 3000/1500/3mm. The main advantage compared to laser technology is the possibility of cutting and forming of the sheet material. The combination usage of punching and laser cutting allows us to make numerous identical holes (grid) or just forming in a laser cut parts. The biggest advantage in FoxLaser punching are a tripple tooling we have that allows us to produce same time same part in all machines. For achieving maximum performance we work with wide range of functionalities by the well proved softwares SigmaNEST and Metalix CNCKad, in combination with the customized software of the company AMADA.


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