The original line of products manufactured by Franke Industrie AG ranged from dyeing machines for laboratory tests in the textile industry, through to letter boxes and engine components. One particularly significant milestone was the manufacture of the after burner (ATAR 09C) for the Mirage fleet of the Swiss Air Force in the 1960s. Some of the first milestones include: The combustion chamber for the Goblin 3 engine (in the BEA Vampire fighter jet), the after burner system for Snecma ATAR 09 C (in the Dassault Mirage III fighter jet) and the Avon 203/207 Hunter exhaust pipe. The products required considerable technical knowledge, not only in terms of manufacture but also in metallurgy and process reliability. The high-quality nickel- and cobalt-based materials used opened up new potential – or in other words – new customer segments.

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  • Прецизни форми
  • Arc welding
  • Precision parts
  • Precision components for the aerospace industry
  • Components for biogas plants
  • Tungsten welding
  • Components for fuel cells
  • Precious metal welding
  • Rolled seam welding
  • Rolled seam welding facility
  • Components for power plants
  • Micro gas turbines
  • Welding work
  • 3D water jet cutting
  • systems and machinery for arc welding metals
  • Orbital welding
  • laser cutting
  • orbital welding

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