GEBETEX Tri Normandie is a French-Dutch company that specializes in sorting and selling various grades of textiles, household linens and footwear. Our know-how is renowned because it is based on sorting methods and expertise originating from the Netherlands. We can offer you various grades of textiles, household linens and footwear: Extra (top-of-range), retro and export second-hand. We also get products ready for recycling (wiping rags and unravelling). We work by pre-selecting the products to guarantee excellent, stable quality. Every day we strive to adapt our products to market constraints, fashion and our customers' specific demands. GEBETEX Tri Normandie has been accredited by the Eco-TLC eco-body. Environmental friendliness is one of our priorities, thus we encourage the recycling of textiles as a citizen initiative.

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  • 2.500 K€ - 4.999 K€


  • Година на създаване 2015
  • Статут на фирмата Статут на фирмата Седалище, Филиал
  • Основна дейност Основна дейност Търговец на едро

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  • Gebetex vue aerienne

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