Production, processing and distribution of chemical/technical products in the areas of washing powder and detergents, automotive chemistry, skin care, construction chemistry and agricultural chemistry. Especially mixing, grinding, sifting and formulating to a specification or your own recipe: • Light to viscous products • Powders and granulates • Pressing, foiling or blistering and packaging tablets – for example: • Dishwasher tablets (also in water-soluble foil) • WC tablets • Descaler tablets • Oxidation tablets • Coffee machine cleaning tablets. Filling and packaging of powders and granulates (from 2 g to 1 ton) in: • Folding boxes • Tins • Buckets • Tubular bags, four-side sealed bags • Sacks • And much more. Filling and packaging liquid products (50 ml to 1000 l) in: • Cans • Canisters • Tins • Barrels • Containers • And many more services: Lab support, support with recipe development, purchase of raw materials and packaging materials, and much more.

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Ключови думи, свързани с тази фирма

  • Фитосанитария - препарати
  • Contract filling
  • Contract filling of powders and granulates
  • Contract filling of liquids
  • Filling in tins, cans, canisters, buckets
  • Filling in barrels and IBC
  • Refilling of liquid products
  • Filling in sacks
  • Filling in folding boxes
  • Filling in stand-up pouches
  • Filling in tubular bags and side sealed bags
  • Pressing tablets
  • Foiling tablets, including in water-soluble foil
  • Blistering tablets
  • Chemical/technical products
  • Mixing chemical/technical products
  • Grinding chemical/technical products
  • Sifting chemical/technical products
  • Production of powder and granulate mixtures
  • Production of liquid mixtures
  • Full service, purchase of raw materials and packaging materials
  • Own recipes for washing powder/detergents
  • Lab support – analytic laboratory
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