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Gidroflou LLC presents for global business, industry and consumers WS – New generation of ferrite electronic water conditioners.

Customer can get significant savings from the use of WS water conditioner.

It helps to:
- minimize energy (fuel) overruns;
- reduce non-production downtime;
- reduce maintenance costs;
- get rid of premature wear and tear of equipment.

Due to:
- slower formation of limescale / deposits;
- gradual softening and significant removal of existing limescale;
- reduce of chemicals consumption for cleaning.

We provide proven solutions in the sphere of hard water treatment, protection and removal of organic and inorganic deposits inside the pipes and various equipment.

We do this by applying contemporary technologies and materials, using our experience and tailoring it to our customers.

High-efficiency patented technology is based on an innovative physicochemical solution, and deep practical knowledge (15+ years) of use of water conditioners for number of applications in various regions and water quality.

Work of electromagnetic impulses with variable frequency, transferred to the water inside the pipe with the top efficiency (97-98%) ferrite ring, made from the special ferroalloy, is used to prevent hard limescale deposits and bio-fouling.

Practice shows, preventing of limescale and deposits formation is cheaper that to provide high-quality water purification.

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  • WS water conditioner for pipe 22” (d.550 mm)
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