200,000 tons of calcined products & 50,000 tons of Basic Monolithic Refractories

GRECIAN MAGNESITE is a magnesite specialist.

GM is a privately owned company (Portolos family) established in 1959 in Greece as a mining and industrial concern and ranks among the top magnesia producers and exporters in the world with business activity on all 5 continents.

The company produces and commercializes:
Caustic Calcined Magnesia
Deadburned (Sintered) Magnesia
Magnesium Carbonate (Raw Magnesite)
Basic Monolithic Refractories

In caustic magnesia in particular, GM is a leading world-wide producer both in volumes and spectrum of applications served.

A wide range of grades is currently produced, addressing practically all applications where magnesite is used:
- leather tanning industry
- animal feed industry
- flame retardant applications
- environmental protection
- steel industry
- ceramics industry

The company’s capacity is about 200, 000 tons of calcined products & 50, 000 tons of Basic Monolithic Refractories.

GM holds GMP+ & ISO 9001: 2008 and EUROCERT

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  • Магнезит
  • deadburned magnesite (DBM)
  • magnesia-magnesium
  • magnesium carbonate (MgO3)
  • basic monolithic refractories
  • raw magnesite
  • calcined magnesia
  • caustic and sintered magnesia

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