Hello.IO is an international company that creates projects on the edge of design, architecture and technologies. We make immersive high-tech spaces to tell a story and create a new world where people can interact with the digital environment.

Our main approach is Phygital (mixing of Physical and Digital worlds).

Application of our creative techs is spreaded from Turnkey multimedia installations, HORECA, Museums and City festivals to full-fledged Theme Parks and Grand Immersive Exhibitions, Aquariums, Resorts.

The trends we follow: Edutainment (Education+Entertainment), Sustainable projects, The socially responsible projects (socializing kids with special needs), Multimedia Sport.

Children franchise 'Hello Park'. A multimedia Playground innovation in the entertainment, working on 5 Themes principle where you can switch the Themes of Ocean, Toys, City, Animals, Space by Hello Park app.

Our Turnkey Business approach allows you to receive:

- Project team in the design of the park (Easy start);
- Operational, technical and marketing support at the time and after launch (successful management);
- Ongoing updates;
- Brand and ™.

The partner network reaches over 35 parks successfully operating in more than 10 countries.

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