In addition to meeting high quality standards, providing excellent customer support is very important to us. At a time when there are many modern channels of communication, Eissing Mineralöl has kept its personal touch. Our employees travel across all of Germany to advise customers on-site and to solve problems in a quick and uncomplicated manner. In addition, technical support has been set up to give customers quick information. Alongside the usual methods of communication, we also offer a 24-hour support service. An employee will record make a note of your issue and call you back straight away on the next working day. This means that we offer a traditional service as we believe is required for the many different requirements in the lubricant industry. It goes without saying that we also carry out special requests

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  • Година на създаване 1923
  • Статут на фирмата Статут на фирмата Седалище, Фирма-майка
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  • Firmensitz
  • Industriebedarf

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  • Промишлени масла
  • Твърди горива
  • Газ и нефт - добив
  • Неорганична химия - изходни материали и производни
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  • Газьол
  • Промишлени смазки
  • Fuel oils
  • Mineral oils
  • Transportation of mineral oils
  • Special lubricants
  • Drilling oils
  • Cooling lubricants
  • Spindle oils
  • Industrial oils
  • Mould oils
  • Industrial lubricants
  • Lubricants for the plastics industry
  • Engine oils for combustion engines
  • Lubricating oils for commercial vehicles
  • Anti-foaming agents for oils
  • Oil lubrication systems
  • Grinding oils
  • Rolling oils
  • Drawing lubricants
  • fuels
  • biological oils
  • hydraulic oils
  • lubricating oil
  • Transmission oils
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