Our hydraulic presses are manufactured in accordance with German machinery directives, European machinery directives (2006/42/EC), EC standards and EU safety regulations. Our presses also exceed the Canadian and European safety requirements since they correspond to the national Brazilian machinery safety directive NR 12. Predominantly hydraulic components from European manufacturers are integrated in the hydraulics system. Our main strength is specialised mechanical engineering and press automation. We sell custom hydraulic presses at surprisingly good prices in accordance with your specifications in various designs, e.g. spotting presses, double-column presses, open-front presses (C-frame presses), column presses. A number of our presses are already in use in Germany and the rest of Europe to the satisfaction of our customers. In South America, our customers also include the largest companies in the automotive and petroleum industries, for example.

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  • Hydraulische Presse

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  • Хидравлични преси
  • Guillotines
  • Spotting presses for tool and mould production
  • Plate forming presses for prototypes and small batches
  • Hydraulic spotting presses
  • Vulcanising presses
  • Workshop presses
  • Hydraulic straightening presses
  • Presses for the ceramic industry
  • Presses for massive forming
  • Presses for metalwork
  • Presses for woodworking
  • Presses for plastics
  • Open-front presses
  • Double-column presses
  • eccentric presses
  • dual presses
  • presses for padding

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