IBL SPECIFIK is a French manufacturer and designer of dry steam cleaning and disinfecting solutions for professionals and industries: Professional steam cleaner, saturated dry steam industrial steam cleaner, conveyor belt cleaning robot, foam gun and disinfection fogger (NFT72-281 standards compliant). We are an innovative company that designs, manufactures and sells industrial steam cleaners and foggers that you can use to clean and disinfect all the surfaces of your premises to meet current standards. IBL SPECIFIK invites you to discover its range of professional and industrial premises cleaning and disinfecting equipment on its website. We provide innovative and specialized human- and environmentally-friendly solutions for transport, the hotel industry, crèches, catering and restaurants, institutions, agrifood, industry, clean rooms and air-conditioning. We guarantee very high manufacturing quality and 100% Made In France appliances on the strength of our great experience. We are committed to supplying highly reliable equipment. We aim to provide you with innovative technological solutions that use less chemicals, water and energy. Our technologies take operators and their demands into consideration: ergonomics, ease of use and implementation.

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