Itel LLC - the system developer and the manufacturer of automatic process control systems, works in the field of construction of Moscow, the Moscow region and cooperates with the largest balance sheet holders of city infrastructure. The main directions of our company are the design of automation products, manufacturing and installation of outdoor lighting systems.

Based on the main factors of competitiveness of ItelLLC, the following can be identified:

- Production of own product line takes into account all nuances, which were determined at the stage of installation of similar equipment;

- Our company gives priority to the customer convenience and the quality of the manufactured equipment, the key indicator of which is the high degree of reliability - mean time between failures and product life cycle. The technologies that built our devices and software determine the stability of systems for many years;

-Our equipment received a favorable reviews in use at construction sites in Moscow and Moscow region from large operating organizations, including SUE Mossvet, State-Financed Institution Gormost, UECJSC. These organizations highlight ease of installation and setup as the main advantages of our products.

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  • street lighting systems
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  • lighting for large areas
  • lighting equipment
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  • exterior lighting
  • lighting layout
  • maintenance of urban public lighting equipment
  • installation of urban public street lighting
  • street lighting
  • tunnel lighting systems
  • lighting systems for sports facilities
  • Manufacturer of lighting and light fittings
  • industrial mechanics
  • Beaconing, marking, illuminated tracking
  • optical fibres for lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Telecontrol
  • urban light fittings
  • factory lighting
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