We manufacture at our own factory highly-prized disinfectants for the personal hygiene market. Our products are the results of our own R&D work, respecting both people and nature. We mainly manufacture hydro-alcoholic gel and hydro-alcoholic solution with at least 70% ethanol content. Our products provide efficient ant-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral protection. They are suited to all skin types and frequent use thanks to their moisturising formulae. They can be easily applied anywhere where water is not close at hand, no need to rinse and dry hands. Severak different sizes available, from 50 ml to 5000 ml and in bottles, pump bottles, sprays and drums. Our additional products: touchless pedal-operated modular hygiene stands.

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  • DAP Delivery At Place
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Фотоматериали, публикувани от тази фирма

  • Désinfectant mains protection complète
  • Gel Hydroalcoolique en flacon 50 ml
  • Gel Hydroalcoolique en flacon 100 ml

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  • Немедицински дезинфектиращи средства
  • Disinfectants
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Hydro-alcoholic solution
  • Disinfectants for personal hygiene
  • Bottled hand sanitiser
  • Hand sanitiser in pump bottle
  • Hydro-alcoholic solution in pump bottle
  • Hydro-alcoholic solution in drum
  • Anti-bacterial gel
  • Anti-virus gel
  • Anti-fungi gel
  • Supplier of disinfectant products
  • Manufacturer of hand-sanitising products
  • Hand-sanitising emulsion
  • Touchless pedal operated gel distributor
  • Hydro-alcoholic solution spray
  • Hand-sanitising without water
  • Hand-sanitising products
  • Hand-sanitiser
  • Ethanol-based hydro-alcoholic gel
  • Automatic hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser
  • Ethanol-based hydro-alcoholic solution
  • Contactless pedal operated solution distributor
  • hydroalcoholic compounds
  • personal care and hygiene products
  • hand gel
  • Fabrication of hygiene-related products
  • Biocide hand products
  • hand disinfectant
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