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Do your chocolate business. We will take care of production launching routine.

We design easy to use equipment for bean-to-bar craft.

KADZAMA is a company founded in 2012 and guided by a chocolatier Dmitry Mateychik. Products we create are based on his experience as a craftsman and businessman and feedback of chocolatiers all over the world we collaborate with. We are here to discover and comprehend problems entrepreneurs face and bring technological solutions in order to improve the way they do their best products.

Chocology and technology.
We are experts in bean-to-bar production and our sollutions are powered by knowledge and practice. We set up a chocolatier business school to explore the science of chocolate, to test our innovations and to teach and inspire people to do genuine refined chocolate.
Now you decide, how delicious your chocolate is. Taste is under your control.

KADZAMA equipment is good for:
•Chocolate (from beans, cocoa masses and ready chocolate);
•Nut pastes;
•Hummus, urbech and other pasty snacks;
•Flour from the solid ingredients — buckwheat, rice, peas, etc.
•Water, poppy, almonds, cedar based milk.

The most important thing is that our equipment is a tool for your imagination. How about sugar-free or emulsifier-free chocolate? Or a chocolate with healthy bioadditives? — It's up to you!

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Drageing drum

Professional equipment for the production of Bean-To-Bar

Vibration sieve - chocolate filter

Melanger 57 kg

Coating machine

How to wash Melanger?

Set of compact equipment for chocolate prodution from cocoa liquor to bar | KADZ

Making chocolate from grated cocoa is what the business needs. High margin and high quality chocolate with low costs.


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