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artin-Ko Ltd. is entirely focused on the food industry since the time of its establishment. The company is well-known with the quality and extensive range of products. It has a modern high-tech manufacturing plant. The factory is located in Industrial Zone Stryama - Rakovski municipality near Plovdiv - on an area of 53, 000 sqm. The covered part of this area - equal to 9, 000 and 430 sqm consists of six industrial units as follows: 1st: Ketchup, tomato paste, pepper relish and sauces unit; 2nd: Mayonnaise, mustard and dressing unit; 3rd: Packaging of honey and honey products unit; 4th : Wild and cultivated mushrooms processing unit; 5th : Sterile processing of fruits and vegetables unit; 6th: Vacuum-evaporation installation and fruit juice production line. The factory is equipped with 50-ton scales, accounting department, corporate offices, physicochemical and microbiological laboratory. Annual production capacity amounts to 12, 000 t. The distribution network is designed accordingly to the market trends in Bulgaria. Kartin-Ko Ltd. is taking care for growing of 1, 500 000 sqm of vineyards planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Mavrud, Syrah, Temprenilo, Aromatico Classico, Barbera, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir.

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    Седалище – Фирма-майка
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  • Ketchup
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