LES PETITES MAINS DU LIMOUSIN sort and recycle second-hand clothes and collected directly from individuals in the Limousin region via our own second-hand clothing containers and at our store. We export medium and large quantities of second-hand clothes for SECOND-HAND CLOTHES DEALERS of all sizes across France and worldwide. - Non-sorted "ORIGINAL" (garments + footwear) - CREAM EXTRA, PREMIUM, LUXURY 1 TOP OF THE RANGE - VINTAGE, LEATHERS & SKINS, LEVI’S, - HOUSEHOLD LINEN, OLD & EMBROIDERED LINEN - "SORTED & CLASSED" according to season, sex and garment (Crème, premium, 2nd preference, summer mix, winter mix), packed in 45 kg bales. We sell second-hand clothing by the kilo or ton, wholesale or semi-wholesale to satisfy all types of needs. Need more details? Contact us quickly indicating the type and quantities you require to get your quotation as fast as possible!

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