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Lideka is a brand that concentrates on producing smart affordable Led strips. Our product range consists of RGB led strips, RGBIC led strips, TV led strips and led strip packages. Our range will soon be expanded with other types of smart lighting. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing good, solid quality, long life and the best service. At the same time, we contribute to a reduction in energy consumption. All this at a selling price that is easily achievable for almost all citizens. And in this way, we create a more stylish, more pleasant living environment for everyone. All our factories are carefully checked for issues such as : Child labour, bad working conditions and poor wages. All the materials we use are of excellent quality and all the products comply with the so-called CE markings. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong or you are not satisfied? There is always someone available to solve all your obstacles, never hesitate to contact us. Smart lighting can be very expensive, especially smart LED strips, now you can go for a cheaper one but you still want quality. It is often thought that quality is automatically expensive, but quality really does not have to be expensive. By using the right processes in the factory and finding the right partners, you can get a very good price that is affordable for everyone. That is Lideka and that is what we believe in, affordable smart LED strips and lighting, not just for you, but for everyone!

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