Our family business, METAVITAL Service GmbH, is a pioneer in the field of naturopathic diagnostics based on MNLS systems (multi-dimensional non-linear spectrography). Years of international research gave rise to the METAVITAL HUMAN diagnostics system and, subsequently, in 2002 METAVITAL Service GmbH brought the first MNLS system on to the European market. We now also offer additional MNLS systems for human and veterinary medicine. Using this system, we were able to develop a recognised complementary medicine system. We have manufactured and continually developed our MNLS systems in Germany since 2005. The systems are always being fine-tuned through ongoing research and development, taking into account the requirements of doctors, practitioners of complementary medicine and other therapists. Our international, interdisciplinary team looks forward to working with you and is always on hand to assist with help and advice.

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  • Медицинска електроника - уреди и съоръжения
  • Non-linear diagnostic systems
  • Diagnostics and therapy systems
  • Medical testing systems and balancing systems
  • Psychotherapy systems
  • Diagnostic products
  • Agent for pharmaceutical products
  • Medical diagnostic systems
  • Medical technology products
  • Analytical systems for clinical laboratories
  • Biphoton analyses
  • Biophoton therapy devices
  • Development of diagnostics
  • Development of medical equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Medical diagnosis
  • medical utensils
  • physiotherapy equipment
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