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Powerful and reliable industrial dust collector Miha Vac Qf It is used in various sectors of industry and household, where the requirements for cleanliness are at a maximum level. Allows integration into processes in which solid or powder particles are present. Through the primary separation of an integrated cyclone separator, it promotes the efficient precipitation of coarse particles up to 10 microns. Subsequent filtration through a basic polyester filter with a high purification class M8 / F8-EU8 effectively captures particles up to 1 µm. The industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with H14 HEPA filter and the last degree of purification is 99.995%, particles up to 0.1 µm. In order to reduce the cost of consumables, the machine is equipped with easy, manual, pulse tapping of the main filter, which effectively extends its operation. The sucked material is collected in a metal waste container with a capacity of 40 liters, without the need for additional garbage bags.