NTF-Korfhage Maschinenbau GmbH is your expert partner for machining, valve drive technology, specialised mechanical engineering and assembly. We provide you with expert and professional service based on decades of experience. Combined with the latest manufacturing technology, we provide a diverse range of services. Manufacture of machines and machine parts. Product range for machine construction: Bending machines for cylinders, clamp rings, hollows and solid profiles. Special purpose machines with and without design, automation technology, welding equipment, transport and feeder systems. Machine construction of bending machines for profiles, clamp rings, smooth rollers for housings, brake shoes etc., 3-roll bending machines, upsetting machines, special purpose machines, automation technology, multi-axis CNC manufacturing. Via a highly qualified electrical and assembly department, we have the necessary expertise to manufacture machines and assemblies.

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  • Обработващи машини за разрязване
  • Металообработващи машини - машинна обработка на метали
  • Обработващи машини за формоване
  • Металообработващи машини за формоване - части и аксесоари
  • Металообработващи машини за механично обработване на метали - части и аксесоари
  • Bending machine tools for profile iron
  • Ring bending machines
  • Pipe bending machines
  • CNC cutting
  • Machining
  • Valve drive technology
  • Specialised mechanical engineering
  • Manufacturing of grooves
  • Machine construction parts
  • bending machine
  • welding jig
  • c.n.c milling
  • machine building
  • swivel transmissions
  • mechanical and industrial assembly consultants
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