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Incredibly delicious churchkhela!

“TIM.KO” Company – Russian manufacturer of unbelievable eastern sweetness of churchhela (chuch-hela) under its own trade mark “MADZHO”.
It is safe to say, that churchhela MADZHO is the modern health snack, which replaces ordinary sweets and chips, and serves as a healthy snack for the whole family. In the capacity of churchhela (chuch-hela) filling use a walnut, hazelnut or the mix of nuts with dried fruits. The shellis made on the basis of fruit juice. The vacuum packing saves the product freshness, and also protects from external influences, and branded colorful box in style of “Madzho”, attracts attention of own impeccable design and convenient form.
It is safe to say, that churchhela Madzhois a retro-innovation. It is an ancient recipe, which blends in seamlessly with modern trends in healthy nutrition.
Our advantages:
- High quality of raw material (nuts, juices);
- Absence in the ingredients of preservatives and flavours;
- Minimal percentage of sugar– only to level out the sweetness of natural juice;
- Manufactured in accordance to All Union State Standard;
- Bright and stylish packing, high quality of design and polygraphy;
- Vacuum packing, which saves product without preservatives for term till 180 days;
- High flavor qualities (delicious, soothing and fresh) – high % of repurchase.
The Company’s priorities are high quality standards and building of trustful relationships with clients and partners.

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  • Churchhela (chuch-hela) MADZHO

  • Churchhela (chuch-hela) MADZHO

  • Churchhela (chuch-hela) MADZHO

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