Ostec company is a manufacturer of industrial and scientific instruments and equipment, a developer of comprehensive solutions in the production of scientific research equipment.

The company picks out innovative technologies and laboratory equipment and instruments, upgrades them by efforts of its engineering departments and brings to the international market the equipment that meets customer requirements and uses customer technologies and applications. The company provides further technical support to the customer as well.

Ostec holds its own brands of research and industrial equipment:
•RAMOS — microscopes for Raman microscopy and spectroscopy. Research-grade compact and multilaser systems with the options of scanning by galvano mirrors, CARS-microscopy, 3D-scanning.
•IROS — Research and industrial online FTIR spectrometers with a selection of cells, optional modules and FiPOS fiber probes for online monitoring of chemical processes.
•NIOS — modular scanning nanomechanical testers that can be configured and functionally extended to satisfy any industry or research application.
•OCOS — compact spectrometers, monochromators, spectrographs, digital cameras and single-channel detectors.
•GAOS – gas analyzers based on sensors and process mass spectrometer gas analysis systems.
•AVOS — active and passive antivibration tables.

Ostec is a regular participant of the international trade fairs CNCLS, CDYPE, analytica China, analytica Munich, SciX, ARABLAB, Pittcon, IFEX, MRS

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  • RAMOS – Raman microscopy and spectroscopy
  • ATR fiber probes
  • NIOS – nanomechanical testers
  • mass spectrometry
  • antivibration protection
  • process mass spectrometer
  • nanoindentation
  • nanohardness
  • Instrumented indentation
  • confocal Raman microscope
  • ion mobility spectrometer
  • online FTIR
  • Raman spectrometer with fiber probe
  • online gas analysis
  • active antivibration table
  • passive ativibration table
  • antivibration protection for electronic microscopes
  • acoustic scanning microscope
  • samples and analyses of natural gas and biogas
  • spectrographs
  • spectrometers
  • vibration prevention tables
  • vibration resistant tables for scales
  • gas analyses
  • gas controller detectors and analysers
  • process control
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