The company POLIBARR is engaged in barrier coating of cardboard and paper. Coatings of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) are applied through the method of high-performance extrusion. The thin polyethylene film prevents moisture intrusion and provides good heat sealing of the coated material. Polyethylene coated cardboard and paper are widely used in many different fields, such as packaging. It is used in the production of boxes, bags, wrapping paper, disposable utensils, coffee and soft drink cups. Polyethylene coated cardboard is also widespread in construction. It is the solution for floor protection from paint, dirt and damage during repair work. POLIBARR delivers this type of cardboard in small, coreless rolls which are ready for use.
We work in two directions: 
-Producing and selling the finished product made from our own raw material; 
-Providing the polyethylene coating service for the customer’s own raw material; 

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  • Пластифициране - хартия и картон
  • Опаковки от хартия и картон
  • PE , PP coated paper and paperboard
  • Paper coating / laminating PE , PP by extrusion sevice
  • Alu foil, PE and paper laminate
  • Paperboard coated PE for temporary floor protection
  • Paper coated PE for temporary floor protection
  • Speciality aluminum laminate

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