Pompes Japy provides pumping solutions in many different sectors suited to your needs, at the fairest price and with the shortest delivery times. Pompes Japy has extended its activities by offering a vast range of equipment and accessories for the distribution of liquids, oil and hydrocarbons, and the manual lubrication and greasing of pumps. You can also find the entire range of Pompes Japy filtering tools and diesel filtering cartridges to separate water and impurities or the full range of suction and reel kits for hydrocarbons, oil and diesel. Finally, we continue to pursue our will to develop pumps and pumping accessories adapted to ATEX standards in order to improve the daily lives of people working in explosive atmospheres. We have in particular developed our turbine meter with digital display fully designed to work in explosive atmospheres.

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Фотоматериали, публикувани от тази фирма

  • Watering can with rose

  • Hosereel

  • Filter

Ключови думи, свързани с тази фирма

  • Бояджийски пистолети и аксесоари
  • Промишлени пулверизатори за обработка на повърхности
  • Бюрети
  • Гресиране - машини и инсталации
  • Смазване - машини и инсталации
  • Помпи
  • Охладителни и маслени помпи
  • Lubricating devices
  • Inflating gun and pressure gauge
  • Gun with integrated meter
  • diesel distribution nozzles
  • solvent distribution nozzle
  • Short nozzled metal bellows
  • Plastic jerry can for water
  • metal jerry can for diesel
  • mechanical meter for diesel
  • calibrateable water meter
  • calibrateable fuel meter
  • oil distribution nozzle
  • diesel hose reels
  • oil and diesel suction equipment
  • diesel delivery equipment
  • fuel filling funnels
  • ATEX meters
  • Spout for lead-free petrol
  • spout for diesel
  • diesel filtering cartridge
  • grease and lubricant appliers
  • Pumping Accessories
  • Flow meter

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