RAFI develops and produces electromechanical structural elements and operating systems for human-machine interaction as well as electronic assemblies and devices. Our product range of electromechanical structural elements includes short-stroke push buttons, push buttons and control switches (e.g. emergency stop). As part of our range of systems, we offer customer-specific input systems such as glass and membrane keyboards and touchscreen systems, including electronic equipment and electronic interfaces for inputs, switching and displays. Contract manufacturing of customer-specific electronic assemblies and devices, including procurement of components worldwide, testing and after-sales service, is consolidated in our EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) department.

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  • Електричество - компоненти и части
  • Membrane keyboards for front plates
  • Control devices and indicating devices
  • Push buttons (switches)
  • Low-voltage switchgear
  • Structural elements for electrical engineering and electronic equipment
  • Components, electronic
  • Emergency stop switches
  • Input buttons
  • Input keyboards
  • Touchscreen displays
  • Keyboards for the industry
  • Touchscreen operating panels
  • Industrial PC
  • Push button switches
  • Operating terminals, customer-specific
  • Industrial terminals and keyboards
  • touch screen

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