Roth Composite Machinery is an international specialist in special machine construction. The company plans, designs and manufactures units, machinery and whole production lines in the business fields of Filament Winding & Prepreg, Pleating & Coating and Brushes & Brooms. Customer-specific design of machinery is one of Roth's great strengths. Its product range includes machinery for filament winding for the manufacture of fibre-reinforced, stable plastic products for lightweight construction applications. Semi-finished products made from fibre-reinforced composites are manufactured with prepreg systems. Filter pleating machines are used in the production of air, water and oil filters in the automotive industry and in aeronautics, hydraulics, ventilation and medical technology. Paper, foils, laminates and fabrics are refined using Roth coating and impregnation systems. The Roth carrousel, universal and trimming machines are suitable for manufacturing brushes and brooms for the household and for industry.

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Knife pleating machine

Knife pleating machine with inline slitter MFM2-S ILS Messefaltmaschine mit Längsschneider MFM2-S ILS

Serial production of Preperg - Rothabow 600

Processing temperature up to 400 °C. Maximum flexibility in machine capabilities thanks to solutions for different impregnating methods, as well as all fiber and matrix types.

Manufacturing line for filter elements

Roth Composite Machinery offers complete production lines for the production of panel filters / filter cells / frame filters / cassette filters or HEPA / ULPA filters.

Brush making machine U-BFA21/E5 with radial frame

For the manufacture of high quality brushes and brooms, Roth Composite Machinery offers the universal-brush making machine U-BFA21/E5.

Brush making machine U-BFA21/E5 with tank and WC brush frame

For the manufacture of technical and hygienic brushes, Roth Composite Machinery offers the universal-brush making machine U-BFA21/E5.

High Speed Towpreg Winding

Winding speed: 5m/second Material: TCR Towpreg


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  • ROTH Composite Machinery GmbH

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  • Внос-износ на обработващи машини
  • Prepreg machines
  • Prepreg systems
  • Winding systems (filament winding machines)
  • High-speed towpreg winding
  • Extractors
  • Spool creels
  • Impregnating baths
  • Knife pleating machines
  • Minipleat systems
  • Rotary pleating systems
  • Winders and reelers
  • Application and impregnation facilities
  • Coating systems
  • Impregnation systems
  • Laminating stations
  • Universal brush machines
  • Carrousel machines
  • Trimming machines
  • Special machines
  • wrappers
  • ovens

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