SBM-IRFI SPA designs, supplies, assembles and dismantles equipment both in Italy and abroad in the following fields: ironwork and steelwork, petrochemicals/oil & gas, waste water treatment, chemical facilities, settling tanks, thickeners, anaerobic digesters, heat exchangers, gasometers, bridges for primary tanks, clarifiers, aerators, Archimedes screw, energy production and distribution facilities, gas and oil pipelines, smoke and dust removal equipment, pneumatic dust transport, urban solid waste and/or industrial waste recycling facilities, incinerators, pressure pipes. SBM-IRFI S.p.A. builds all types of pressure vessels to PED ASME VIII div. I and II, PED and GOST standards. We also provide the following services: machining, welding are certified to the UNI EN ISO 3834-2: 2006 standard, calendering, varnishing, sandblasting and any medium-heavy and special structural metal work.

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  • progettazione portale forno SBM-IRFI s.p.a.
  • volte raffreddate SBM-IRFI s.p.a.
  • cappa LF SBM-IRFI s.p.a.

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  • Черна металургия и леярство - машини и инсталации
  • Обработка и рециклиране на отпадъци - машини и инсталации
  • Промишлени електрически пещи
  • Пещи за термообработка
  • Поглъщане на дима при пожар - инсталации
  • Монтаж и демонтаж на промишлени инсталации
  • Пречистване на въздуха - уреди и инсталации
  • Промишлени пещи и огнища
  • ladle wagons
  • high & low pressure tanks
  • LF-EAF
  • penstocks and sluices
  • installation of air extraction plants
  • heat exchangers for ovens
  • industrial waste recycling systems
  • solid urban waste compacting equipment
  • electric arc furnaces
  • installation of industrial systems
  • steel mill installations
  • crucibles for electric furnaces
  • industrial water treatment facilities
  • pipe on pipe - piping
  • industrial system design
  • metallurgy furnaces
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