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Tasteful fish

Sedoy Kaspiy has existed on the market since 2014. Our company is engaged in catching freshwater fish, as well as processing (including cooling, freezing and curing) and selling fish.

The company has quotas for river fish and crayfish catching. Catching takes place in the Caspian Sea and the Volga-Caspian basin. It is a certified manufacturer in the Cerberus system.

We have an extensive experience of cooperation with various countries: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, UAE, Turkey, USA, Africa. In the near future, we are planning to enter new markets: DPRK and European countries.

Each batch of our products raises a strict quality control at all stages of manufacturing. Special control over compliance with the HACCP system.

We offer to sell our products in any volume: from 1 box to the car.

We have an individual approach to each client. We provide an assistance and help in transportation (carriage) of products.

Our products:

- Cooled fish
- Frozen fish
- Dried, weighing and vacuum-packed fish
- Straw, dried, weighing and vacuum-packed fish
- River fish fillet (on skin, without skin, piece by piece, in blocks)
- Frozen carcass (catfish, zander, crucian carp, carp, etc.)
- River fish peace (raw material for smoking). Special flensing fish. Any size by individual order
- Frozen fish steak (catfish, asp, silver carp, zander, carp, jack-fish, etc.)
- River fish stuffing
- Caviar (fresh, frozen, dried, in glass, packaged).

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  • Риби
  • Сладководни риби
  • Риби - обработка
  • Риболов - внос-износ
  • Замразени и дълбоко замразени продукти
  • Замразени и дълбоко замразени риби
  • Пушени и солени риби
  • Рибни консерви, консерви от морски специалитети и от охлюви
  • Zander
  • Fish carcass
  • Fish steak
  • caught freshwater fish
  • caviar
  • pike
  • dried fish
  • frozen fish
  • tench
  • freshwater fish
  • frozen fish export
  • fish preserved in salt
  • eels
  • perch
  • wholesale fish sales
  • Fish fillets
  • catfish
  • roe

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