The company SME Innovations LLC offers a wide range of innovative products for automatic fire extinguishing in electrical panels, 19 "cabinets, cable trays, sockets, etc.
The fire extinguishing agent of the proposed line of fire protection equipment is a gas that is safe for humans, animals and devices, which is in liquid form inside the device. Some of the devices use a unique innovation technology for microencapsulation of the gas used to fire fighting.

The main advantages of these innovative products:
-No maintenance within up to 5 years,
-No current supply,
-No switch off the electricity,
-Maximum supply voltage of electrical equipment up to 35kW,
-Extinguish A, B, E fire classes (some of devices - plus С class),
-Safe for human,
-Wide range of application from - 40° С to + 60° С,
-Easy to install,
-Easy to remove from the surface,
-No damage to protected object if installed properly,

We offer fire-brakers, which can be used like fire prevention systems for industrials buildings, shopping centers, public buildings, underground, so for firefighting in flats or private houses as fire extinguishers for electrical panels, sockets, switches, etc.

Our innovative automatic fire extinguishing solutions save you and your equipment by preventing the fire/ ignition at an early stage.

Safety data sheet for extinguishing agent (gas) - MSDS, certificate of conformity.

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  • FINFIRE "SPHERE" and “TAB" – self-contained powder fire extinguishing devices
  • FINFIRE "SPHERE" – self-contained fire extinguishing device is in the stock
  • FINFIRE "SPHERE" – self-contained fire extinguishing device is on the factory
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